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To design a professional website is not so easy as you think, it is complex, comprehensive, expensive and time-consuming process. If you need to get website fast, cheap or simply "just for its existence", then this request isn’t for BCL group. Why?

Because, building a turnkey website, we are creating a very powerful tool for your business, based on your company’s and users’ goals, marketing strategies and even consumer behavior patters. To make the website as much efficient as possible BCL group makes a marketing research for your company and creates the content and its presentation specifically for your target audience.

Our team has 31 IT and Marketing experts, working on website design for BCL Group in Miami, Florida. They provide full spectrum of services from collecting all the data that will help to promote your business, creating visual and digital content, writing articles which are important for SEO promotion, testing optimization of the website and technical support 24/7. No glitches guaranteed!

We create a website based on two tasks:

To help clients find your website fast and easy in the internet.

People think that website design itself is essential meanwhile its promotion is secondary, but that is not true.

As website promotion helps you reach desired audience, we build the website in such way that we can attract that audience to you and only you. “How?”- you will ask. We optimize your website for search engine through SEO writing, creating articles that are focused on grabbing the attention of the search engines using specific, targeted words or phrases (called keywords or key word phrases), and using them in specific ways. In such way we turn search engines on our side to point people to your website as fast as possible. Only such approach allows us to make website indexed by search engines (Bing, Google, Yahoo etc.) and to bring it to the TOP. As a result the potential buyer will find in “google” search only your company, not your competitor’s one.

To convert visitors of your website into the loyal customers

The biggest misconception is that any website can help you increase your sales. For internet users all the companies look pretty much the same as each and every of them claims that it has the best pizza, accessories or the best auto body shop without proving the point etc. As the result the client is frustrated and can not make its choice. From our side we help you to build a structured website that proves the customer that you can be fully trusted through user friendly site architecture, navigation, visual design, optimization, convenient order forms, easy feedback system etc.














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